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In our establishment you'll find articles of only the finest quality. After all, they have to survive the the Dutch Harbor Winter, just like we do. Contact and ordering information is on the bottom of this page.

Hats Hat Logo

Our hats are all embroidered with attention to detail. The hat logo shown above is from the blue with white bill. All hats are adjustable and are $16.00 each.

Stck Pin

Our stick Pins are about an inch by an inch in size and show a depiction of Unalaska Island, a Gray Whale, a Puffin and a Seal. Sold each for $5.00

We tried to photograph all the items seen below using light that would show how the item would look in both well lit (sunny day) and not-so. sunny situations.

Green T Green T Logo

Our T- Shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes from small to XXL. The picture is the view from the "Blue Room" watching a fishing boat coming into port.

Black T Blue T Red T

Black T Logo Blue T Logo Red T logo

T- Shirts are sold each for $15.00 (size XXL is a little more).

Blue Sweat Shirt Blue SS Logo

Our Sweat Shirts are the second most popular item in our store. Warm yet they breath and are comfortable to wear. Each has a hand warming pocket, and a picture of the view from the "Blue Room". A variety of colors are offered.

Black Sweat Shirt Green Sweat Shirt
Black Sweat Shirt Logo Green Sweat Shirt Logo

Sweat shirts come in sizes from small up to XXL and can be yours for $28.00 each (size XXL is are a little more).

Sweat Pants Sweat Pants Logo

Our Sweat Pants come in a variety of colors and sizes and each as pockets and an Elbow Room logo with the state of Alaska. Sold each for $28.00. Contact us for color and size options, and any questions you may have.

Interesting that this is the same coat, just different lighting. It's like having two different coats, one for light days, and one for gray days.

Gole Coat Front Gold Coat Back

Gold Coat Logo

Our Coats are the most popular item in our store. Each has a lining of comfortable material with an inside pocket sewn in, and each coat is rain resistant. Comfortable in both cold and mild weather settings. We offer a variety of colors and sizes at a cost of $95.00 each (XXL is a little more). The logo on our coats is of the Sea Gull, the Whale and the Seal through the Elbow Room name.

Black Coat Front Black Coat Back Black Coat Logo

Green Coat Front Green Coat Back Green Coat Logo

Our match books may not be very good for making fires, but they come in handy when things get hot !! They are $1.25 each

rubr1 rubr2 rubr3

Not Shown

Fleece Pullovers

We offer Fleece Pullovers for $40.00, please contact us for details or questions you have on anything you've seen in our store. Thanks for visiting !!


Found Something and You Want To Place an Order?

All you have to do is have your credit card ready and call in your order at: 907 581-1470

Or you can E-mail us "elbowroom@arctic.net" or by clicking the e-mail icon below.

Please be sure to add $8.00 to your total cost for shipping and handling (subject to increase if ordering more items).

You can also order by sending a cashiers check or money order to our mailing address:

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The Elbow Room
P.O. Box 169
Unalaska, Ak 99685

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