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A tour is not complete until you can see the inside of our bar.   History is filled with places and events that, on the surface, aren't a lot to look at, but still have importance.  We feel this way about the Elbow Room.  If you like King or Snow Crab, or Cod or Halibut, then you've eaten food that was brought to you by someone who's been through these doors.

Inside Bar Animation 1

As you enter the Elbow Room, if you look right you'll first see an interesting stage area.  Interesting in that it has a very sturdy railing almost surrounding it.  The bands really appreciate that rail when things get a little "rowdy".  Walk over to the stage and past the Lady's room you'll see what used to be the office, when the bar was a general store many years ago.  It's now called the  "Blue Room".  You can often find one of the patrons holding court over the local gossip of the day while enjoying a beverage.  On the back wall of the Blue Room is the "Wall of Fame".  Party's, large catches and events of historical significance are recorded in a photo montage.   Then there's the bar, and the bell.

Inside the Bar Animation 2

The Bell gets rung and the ringer buys the bar a round.  Good sturdy wood, stools, beverages, shots, and beer, are all here for the thirsty.   Talk of the season just past and "where you off to now", as fishermen from all over the world drink and toast to their success and rest from their labors.  From the bar you continue around to the sit down booths, the video game and the Dart Board.

The Elbow Room serves pretty much anything you can dream up, along with the some of the best  live music found on the Island and rich gossip and conversation.  All that with popcorn and hot-dogs that have been cooking since the Nixon administration (they are the best!)  It's something you have to experience yourself to get the proper perspective.  Many have and have the stories to tell for generations.

Peggy Rose Animation

Everything here centers around fishing.  The boat shown above belonged to  Larry the owner.  The stories are all true, from the waves so high you couldn't see over the top of them to the incredible fishing of days gone by.  This is a model of "Peggy Rose ",  a 69.5 footer that sailed and worked these waters.

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