basin care & maintenance instructions

Solar Disc

With regular care these basins will last for generations. It's important to remember that bronze is a relatively soft metal. Some wear and tear is inevitable. Dark hammered and textured interiors will conceal stains and scratches more than highly polished finishes. Avoid placing heavy glassware or metal objects in the basin since they can cause damage.

Care - Interior

If the interior begins to look dull, clean it with warm water and a mild detergent and dry it with a soft towel. Then give it a very light coat of paste wax and buff it gently after the wax has dried. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives on the interior.

Care - Exterior

The exterior needs very little care. A very light coating of Johnson's Paste Wax applied with a soft brush and gently buffed out with a soft cloth about once a year will preserve the original patina's colors.

Removing Water Spots

Water spots can be easily removed with metal polish. I recommend Maas brand polish. If you wipe the basin out with a soft clean cloth after each use it will help prevent the formation of water spots.